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Fuzzy Paws

It really is the simple things that make you smile. Like fuzzy paws. What more is there to say? Click for a larger view

Weighted Down

Weighted Down - Click for a larger view My friend Thane, who is a real gadget guy and collector of many things, came up to me a while back and told me he had something I might want to photograph.  Knowing him, this could have been anything from a Civil War era coin to the actual Delorean used in the Back To The Future  movies. He handed me a tone arm counter weight from one of the turntables he has. He told me he thought I might like to take a couple macro shots of it. As it just so happens, I did. I used a few different colored lights to illuminate it and I think the outcome was pretty cool. I have to admit I like to take an everyday item and photograph it in a way that makes it more interesting than if you just looked at the object in the normal setting where it is found. What do you think?

Scavenger Hunt

Electric I recently participated in a photography scavenger hunt. What is a scavenger hunt  you ask? Simply put it is getting a list of items and searching for them. With a photography scavenger hunt you do not bring physical items, you photograph them. The photos can be “found” or “staged”. It helps improve your photography skills at an amazing pace all while everyone  celebrates  each other's successes. The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other. There is support, encouragement, friendships even some friendly smack talk, aka “ huntsmack ” that all takes place. Beyond the basic explanation the scavenger hunt is an inspiring, creative and fun way to learn more than you can imagine while you push your limits, experiment, and shoot things in new and unique ways. Bunny The scavenger hunt  g ame is open to 500 Photographers with 1 0 items to shoot over a period of time. They are then judged by fantastic photographer

Autumn in Suburbia

Amidst concrete, steel and wooden structures made by man you nature finds pockets of land to thrive. In the oasis autumn is found in suburbia. Click for a larger view