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Tommy Bolin Tribute: An All Out Rocking Gypsy Soul

Tommy Bolin.  The name alone will make music fans and guitar players around the world nod their heads as a smile comes across their lips.  A tribute album has just been released featuring Tommy & a treasure trove of musical heavy weights. Tommy Bolin, for those unfamiliar, was a remarkable guitarist who wowed crowds with his mastery of every genre he attacked.  From rock, to the jazz fusion & funk of the 70's to reggae and the early birth of heavy metal along with straight rock & roll & true free form jazz Bolin played every style with a perfection and heart that has been rarely if ever seen or heard since. Born August 1, 1951 in Sioux City Ia. Tommy played with Zephyr from '69-71 Energy in '72.  He then replaced Joe Walsh in The James Gang in '73 & '74 & Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple from '75 -'76.  He recorded two studio albums (Bang & Miami) with The James Gang and one live album with Deep Purple, Come Taste The Band.  Whil

Out my misty window

I took this shot shortly before a family photo shoot.  The curved window and street view pulled me in so I had to take this shot. Click for a larger view Lookin' out my misty window on the street below Too many people lookin' lost and forlorn Vagabonds without homes and no where else to go ~Tommy Bolin "Sweet Burgundy"

Canyon Creek

Color or Black & White?  This question comes up often and sometimes it is a toss up.  I think this images works either way. Click for a larger view Click for a larger view