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Memories Of The Past

Memories of the past are practically forgotten. Objects that are pushed aside find new life as memories flood back. Click for a larger view


A light pole is decorated in a festive garland in front of an old brick building. Grunge and festive decor contrast each other, but how many pass by daily without giving a second glance or thought to the scene? Click for a larger view

It's Only Rock & Roll...

I know, it's only rock & roll but I like it. Ghost Ship It's no secret that I am a bit of a music fan, so combining music with photography is a perfect fit. A few days ago I took a few photos for Ghost Ship.  They needed a new promo picture and since I took that right before a gig I grabbed a few live shots. These guys have been rockin' the Sioux City, Iowa area for almost 15  years with their heavy originals and covers.  Check them out on  iTunes ,  Amazon  and on the  web . "Sioux City" Rick Barry Dan L Chuck Dan W Jarrod