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Everywhere you go you are bound to find interesting characters.  "Hey, man, got a quarter?  You ain't got nothin' that's OK man, that's OK.  God bless you anyway.  Here, I hope I didn't scare you or nothing like that.  I, I ain't no bum or nothing like that.  Yeah, I I use to live uptown once once before too you know.  No, no, I did I did really.  Use to come down here and look at all the characters.  Never thought I'd be one of them though.  Characters, man a lot of characters." ~~ Jesus Saves by Savatage

Vintage Equipment

A vintage tractor sits next to the Plymouth County Museum.  One can imagine the countless hours of use this tractor has had. Click for a larger veiw

Central Avenue

It seems that many small towns have a Central Avenue. This is at the intersection of Plymouth St and Central Ave in LeMars Iowa. Click for a larger view

Rust and Brick

Rust and brick complement and contrast each other.  Click for a larger view