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Journey Inside An Image

Here is something I recently did, it isn’t just a photo but more of an art piece.   This is a composite of a few images to get to the final piece.  This particular image started with just a theme; Guardian Angels: A Devotion.  As I thought about the theme I kept going back to the idea of  being safe.  I wanted the final image to convey a sense of peace, beauty with an underlying tone that chaos could be or has been just around the corner.  Water held the idea of calm while chaos and turmoil could break out at almost any moment.  I have often heard life and life journey described as an ocean, sea, ships at sea and so on so my choice of a water scene just worked in my mind.   The sunlight behind the clouds day I shot the sunset over the lake was breathtaking.  It seemed that every minute there was a change in the scene and anyone who has been on a boat at sunset will be able to tell you it is a wonderful way to watch the day draw to a close.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so

Presenting from HobokenNJ: Fifteen Fleeting

It has been a while since I came to visit my music blog and it is very good to be back.  I have missed the music but you know life happens.   New Jersey rock is not just Bruce or Bon Jovi.  Case in point is Fifteen Fleeting a band that has been playing for a while and sound polished and tight.  I cant really describe their sound easily.  They are a bit eclectic.  Going from straight up rock to a pop infused punk sounds to acoustic & electric mix they keep things changing which is interesting. The band has opened for such bands as Paper Route, Low Vs Diamond, Barcelona, The Dangerous Summer, & Mercy Mercedes among other national bands.  It seems this 4 piece group has a little bit of something for everyone. Listening to them is a treat, they have all out rockers, pop sensibility, great hooks and solid song writing.  This was definitely a good find.  It will be interesting to see where Fifteen Fleeting goes from here.  Judging by this disk they are not fleeting at all. &l

Falls light in Pink

Click for a larger view The American Cancer Society lit up the Falls of the Big Sioux River pink for a sixth year tonight.