Scavenger Hunt

I recently participated in a photography scavenger hunt. What is a scavenger hunt you ask? Simply put it is getting a list of items and searching for them. With a photography scavenger hunt you do not bring physical items, you photograph them. The photos can be “found” or “staged”.

It helps improve your photography skills at an amazing pace all while everyone celebrates each other's successes. The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other. There is support, encouragement, friendships even some friendly smack talk, aka “huntsmack” that all takes place.

Beyond the basic explanation the scavenger hunt is an inspiring, creative and fun way to learn more than you can imagine while you push your limits, experiment, and shoot things in new and unique ways.
The scavenger hunt  game is open to 500 Photographers with 10 items to shoot over a period of time. They are then judged by fantastic photographers. This is all done for pure fun and enjoyment. It gets you seeing things in new ways.

A project like this will help many people sharpen technical skills, but somehow this one is different. This is a completely positive and friendly environment. People help one another with questions ranging from "I am looking at buying a new _insert photo gear here_ and I have been looking at XY & Z, what are your opinions" to "How do I get better or learn to do _insert technique here_." Never once have I see anyone talk down to someone asking a question or get into a spitting contest over a difference in opinion on gear, technique etc. Brand wars, flaming and trolling just do not exist. Now that says something about the game and the people who participate. 

I have used techniques that range from different lighting and flash to stop motion to combining a landscape and still life as a composite image to different post processing and even self portrait work to get the finished images. Some of these skills I had tried before and built on that to stretch farther. Others, well they were a first attempt at trying and I think overall I pulled off what I set out to do. 

The first step was to come up with ideas for each item and then figure out how to make those ideas happen. Now not every idea I had made it to the final images. Some I just did not care for, others I was unable to get to come together for whatever reason. Even others I completely abandoned for something not resembling what I set out to do. All of this is a great way to stretch creativity and get your mind working and seeing things from another perspective. 

This is not about winning or gaining a top spot, but it is about pushing yourself to learn or do something you have not done before or to do it better than you have ever done. This gives a fun challenge to take a simple word and translate that into a photograph. Sometimes I went with something obvious and others, I put a bit of a spin on the topic. I even went for humor on another. 

Enough with the words. As you have probably noticed there have been five photos scattered throughout the post. Here are the other five. The 10 items for the scavenger hunt were: Electric, Bunny, Juicy, Fish, Angry, Stripes, Violet, Brick, Plumber Urban Legend.



Urban Legend
Seeing the world rather than looking at it. That is all for now.


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