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Memorial Day

The avenue of flags at the courthouse in Le Mars Iowa is truly impressive. Over 1300 flags fly, each one for a veteran who has left this earth.  Along one side of the courthouse is a flanders field of crosses with a poppy attached. This morning my dad's flag was dedicated and for the first time it flew in the breeze among a sea of red, white and blue. Flags Over Flanders Field Come Visit My Grave  A poem by Jim Rolfes. I am a Veteran under the sod. I’m in good company, I’m up here with God. Come to my grave and visit me. I gave my life so you could be free. Today is Memorial Day throughout this great land. There’s Avenues of Flags, Parades and Bands. I can hear music, the firing squads and taps. Here come my comrades, the Legionnaires, the Blue caps. One of them just put a flag on my stone. Some day he’ll have one of his own. Some think of this day as just a day free of toil. While others are busy working the soil. They say they have plans, other things to do. Don’t pu

Downtown Bling

Click for a larger view These historic brick buildings along Central Avenue in Le Mars Iowa on a rainy day caught my eye. If you are ever on this street, keep driving and you will be at an old fashioned ice cream parlor in just a few minutes. 

Small Town USA

And they call this the great midwest Where the cornfields row and flow They're all five years ahead of their time Or twenty-five behind; I just don't know All the young men talk about their four-wheel drives  " The Great Midwest"~~John Mellencamp


It has been a while since I posted, heck it's been a while since I picked up my camera. Well I fired off a couple shots today and thought I would post one here. Musically inspired shot of my hometown of Le Mars Iowa.  Springsteen's "Backstreets" seemed fitting for this one. Trying to learn to walk like the heroes  We thought we had to be  Well after all this time  To find we're just like all the rest  Stranded in the park  And forced to confess  To hiding on the backstreets Hiding on the backstreets Where we swore forever friends On the backstreets until the end Hiding on the backstreets Hiding on the backstreets ~~Backstreets by Bruce Springsteen