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This old building stands empty. Originally this was built as a convent; the basement housed kindergarten for many years. The building has been used for nothing but storage for quite some time. Earlier this year a water break caused the building to flood so now it is truly empty. To me this has looked empty with no one going in and out of it for years. I see empty having multiple meanings here, but you as the viewer will have your own interpretation of this photo titled "Empty". Click For A Larger View

The Ultimate Documentary - Tommy Bolin

It's no secret that I'm a Tommy Bolin fan. Growing up in Le Mars, Ia just a few miles from Sioux City; his music was played on the radio and it seemed that most bands from the area covered a song or two of his. For those that don't know much about Tommy or his music I ran across an old documentary from 1989.  I believe it only aired in Denver and Sioux City; I recall watching this on one of the Sioux City stations when it aired.  This show followed the release of Geffen Records "The Ultimate" box set in 1988 which is no longer in print. Fortunately for us almost all of Tommy's music has been reissued. For those that know his music and those that just love good music check out the documentary.  It's a very good introduction to the man and the music.  Enjoy.

The Nightmare Awakens

This is something a little different for me.  I used a reverse lens technique.   I actually did this handheld by holding a 50mm lens to my camera; reversed obviously.  I moved the lens slightly as I took the shot to give it some motion blur.  I did have to do this a few times to get the shot the way I wanted. Click for a larger view. This was inspired by some of the work of Lasse Hoile.