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A Child's Perspective

Click for a larger view Never let the wonder of childhood pass.  If you begin to lose it, take a few moments and get down on your knees and view the world as a child.  There is an adventure and wonder everywhere you look.  Things are new and full of wonder. Even things that most people pass by without a second glance have something wonderful and amazing to be seen.

iPhone Photography

Like many people I take pictures with my iPhone and why not, it is always with me and has a very nice camera.  Add a few apps and photos can be taken and edited all on the phone in a few moments. It is a much different mindset and experience over using a "real" camera and sometimes it is almost freeing. Here are a few taken and edited on my phone.  Using my phone as a camera reminds me one thing if nothing else; the best camera is the one you have with you.   Click on the pictures for a larger view. Mushrooms in the grass Mushrooms & Clover Fire Pit Guitar

American Seat

Click for  a larger view I wanna build a house where an ad don't scream I wanna live in peace-quietly I wanna have a place of love and safety People oughta live how and where they want People oughta have respect in front People oughta get along pretty O.K ~~Iggy Pop 

6 Ton: A Rusted Old Sign

I came across a a rusted old sign the other day and the textures drew me in. Click for a larger view

Debut Disk Opens The Way For The Sheltering Sky

Twelve tracks of progressive rock with a rich full sound is what you will get with the debut disk "Opening The Way" by "The Sheltering Sky".   The Sioux Falls, SD band's studio effort has the vibe of some of the great prog-rock albums without trying to copy them or falling into the trap of sounding like a 70's throwback.  They manage to sound new & modern while giving the occasional nod to what has come before. The band is comprised of Jon Sympson handling guitar, vocals & synth duties; Chuck Gerner on bass & D. Scott Haight on drums & vocals.  They have a progressive sound with a foot planted firmly in rock keeping the songs accessible to mainstream rock fans.  Their studio debut has a nice big sound with a terrific flow.  Kicking off with Source Code, a very nice mid-tempo modern rock song, the band immediately shows that they know when to give the music room and when to add extra riffs & drum fills.  This track is one of my favorites a

Country Time

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