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Passion for Light

Recently Pictage & Rangefinder opened up a contest to allow photographers to showcase their passion for photography & lighting.  The judges went through all the submissions and came up with their top 10.  The ten photos are now out for a public vote to determine the winning photo.  My submission did not make the top 10 but feel free to check out the site and vote for your favorite.  Most photos are up for sale and proceeds will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. You can see the top 10 photos here: You can go here to purchase a photo & help the Boys & Girls Clubs of America:

Hills Vista

View of the Black Hills.  Click for a larger view

Newton Hills State Park

Panorama of Newton Hills State Park.   Click for a larger view.


Hope everyone had a happy, fun & safe 4th of July!

Working & Updating On Saturday

I finally updated my site and got the look and feel I wanted. I actually started this a few months back but other priorities kept this on the back burner. The new site layout is easier to read and navigate.  It also works much better on mobile devices.  I did stay away from flash so all of you with an iPhone, iPad or any phone without flash you should be able to view the site with no issues.  You can check it out here. The only thing to do is launch the new fine art store. That will be coming soon. It will be easier to order with more options than before.  That's all for now.