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The best humor is true

Click for a larger view that is easier to read One of my favorite daily comics.  Check out the archives here .

Is Album Art Dying Or Evolving?

Recently I read a piece questioning if album art is dead. You can find it here.   I have to say that I believe that the artwork will not only survive but it will find a new golden age in the next 5 years.  The reason I say this is the same reason some are saying it is dying.  Digital downloads.  Yep iTunes, Amazon & all the others will come to the rescue in my humble opinion. I know that the artwork on your ipod is small at best but a couple years ago I caught a look to the future.  Trent Reznor's band, Nine Inch Nails gave away their album "The Slip".  When you would download this in MP3 format you also had a pdf of the album sleeve.  I think this is where album art & liner notes will go.  I see the day where you download a full album from iTunes or some other online source you will also receive what would be the physical album sleeve, art, liner notes etc.  I also see bands and labels (however they exist in the future) storing the album art online. New Am

Alternate View

View of Mt. Rushmore from Custer State Park.  Click for a larger view.

Just an image I thought you might enjoy

If you like this image you can purchase a print here.


The new Fine Art store is up and running.  This gives you the option to purchase a print, add mounting or framing in a variety of sizes.  This lets you customize your print to fit in any decor.  All orders will be shipped directly to you and are still printed from the same lab I have been using all along.  You get the same quality prints with more options. The new store option makes proofing galleries easier as well.   Now when you have your session the proof gallery is easier to find and easy to share with friends and family.  This will also allow proof galleries to be password protected so only you and your family can view the gallery. Visit the new store here:

Passion for Light UPDATED

Recently Pictage & Rangefinder opened up a contest to allow photographers to showcase their passion for photography & lighting. It has been decided to make a change and all photos are now up for a public vote. The winning photo will be a combination of the public vote &  the favorite of the judges.  Check it out here and vote for your 10 favorites. (Yes I do have a photo there so if it is a favorite cast your vote). Link: Selected photos are available for sale to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. My submissoon: