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Embrace The Gritty

Going out for a stroll people naturally look at the nice looking clean beauty all around. However if you dismiss the gritty, rusty old well worn elements you can miss out on wonderful sights. Take a second look at the old fire escape, run down building or rusted iron fence. Embrace the gritty Click for a larger view

Patio At The Diner

The tables are not yet ready and the umbrellas are folder up. Inside I can imagine the place is busy with the morning breakfast crowd. Plates filled with eggs, fruit, toast and bacon. We cannot forget the bacon. Soon the seats will be filled with people talking and laughing over a good meal. Lunch and dinner will bring people out to relax and discuss the events of their day. Click for a larger view

Flip a coin

A while ago a friend asked me to photograph three Palestinian coins he picked up. I had never seen coins like this in person, so of course that was just cool.  These coins were all from the late 1920's to early 1940's. I do not know anything about coins, so I had to ask about handling these because I did not want to cause any degradation to something that may have been valuable. Shooting coins is something I have very little experience in so there was a little trial and error. In the end my friend and I were both happy with the results.

One Subject & Three Photos

How an image ultimately looks comes down to a couple basic principles, light and composition. Post work can play a third as well but without light and composition there is nothing to really work with. Here are three images of the exact same flower taken the same day changing the composition, light and minor changes to camera settings. Even though they are all the same subject taken on the same table with the same lights, by changing where the light is located and how strong it is along with moving the camera and flower to capture a different angle each photo is vastly different. A few small differences really can really change the look and feel of an image. In each image the beauty of the flower shines through in a different and unique way. Click on each for a larger image to view. Soft & Structured Muted Beauty  Light & Shadow Dance

Hug The Curves

When cruising down the highway of life take the curves with confidence. Stay in your lane and don't slam on the brakes. Just like on a mountain road enjoy the ride, heck that is all part of the fun. Click for a larger view