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All Jazzed About The Sound Prints Quintet

I tend to check out NPR and have found some really good music from those fine folks.  I ran across this article and really have nothing to add since I have not seen this band live; nor do they have an album for sale as far as I have found. Grammy winner Joe Lovano is a highly accomplished saxophonist, clarinetist, flautist, and drummer.  Having him team up with trumpeter Dave Douglas can bring nothing but fantastic Jazz.  The band is rounded out by Lawrence Fields, Linda Oh, and Joey Baron.

A Simple Barn Door

These three photos are all from the same barn door. Old buildings, especially barns, have some of the coolest textures and the most interesting details. Barn Door Click for a larger view Barn Door 2 Click for a larger view Nailed Click for a larger view

Electric Creatures Electric Energy

Album Cover Indie-rockers The Electric Creatures album kicks off with a catchy hook and a scratchy sound that reminds listeners that rock and roll is best played dirty and gritty.  This band from Costa Rica blends electric guitars, drums and bass with horns thrown in here and there for an auditory ride that will make you get back in line again and again.  This is a band that can play in your face high octane rock on one track and on the next can pull back and let the music breathe.   The eight tracks of the album are all very worthy songs but I do have a few favorites; the first track "Electric Krishna", "Tree" and hauntingly hypnotic "Suicidal Angel". You can find the album on iTunes , the band's website , or on Bandcamp.   Take a listen to them below. href ="http:// theelectriccreatures . bandcamp .com/album/the-electric-creatures">The Electric Creatures by The Electric Creatures

Night Photography

I was at Falls Park in Sioux Falls with my two youngest kids a few days ago and the falls were illuminated in all blue.  The weather was very mild for November and the air was clear.  I just had to get a couple shots of the falls at night. Click For A Larger View Click For A Larger View

A Rock Texture

I'll admit I really like black and white or monochrome photos, and I also like a nice texture.  Here's both in one shot.  Click for a larger view

Midwestern Farm

This is a shot I ran across that I took a couple of years ago.  This is a farm somewhere in Iowa.  I added a texture to it and liked the way it turned out. Click for a larger view