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The Falls & Old Mill of Falls Park


Taking Great Pictures of Your Children

People often ask me how to take better pictures. With a today's point-and-shoot camera, it’s possible to get great results. Here are a few ideas to help get great pictures of your children. Get Down to Their Level Many parents don’t even realize that many times they are taking pictures of their child at a downward slant. Don’t feel too self-conscious to get down to your child’s eye level in order to capture a fabulous moment. Taking photos at a child’s level shows his expression best, brings focus to the picture, and downplays shadows on the face. Minimize Distractions A cluttered background takes the focus away from the child in the foreground. If you see a good photo opportunity, take a second to move brightly-colored or reflective objects and toys from the background first. It may be hard to take photos with a neat backdrop when you’ve got small children in the house, but do your best. Zooming in on your child will automatically eliminate many background distractions in a ph


My daughter has been involved in cheer this past year.  On Sunday they had a showcase so to speak.  It was pretty cool to see all the teams preform.  Here are a few shots.  Click for a larger view.