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Flash Of The Blade

Click For A Larger View You'll die as you lived In a flash of the blade In a corner forgotten by no one You lived for the touch For the feel of the steel On man, and his honor ~~Flash Of The Blade  By Iron Maiden


Click for a larger view Who holds the key?

Fuel For Our Journey

Click for a larger view "We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey." ~~Kenji Miyazawa

Rest Ahead

Click for a larger view Looking ahead seeing a place to rest Knowing it is just over the bridge Yet standing at the foot not daring to take a step But feeling so tired and need to rest Time to march across the bridge To finally reach a spot to rest

Autumn Serenade

Click for a larger view Click for a larger view Through the trees comes autumn with her serenade Melodies the sweetest music ever played Autumn kisses we knew are beautiful souvenirs As I pause to recall the leave seem to fall like tears Silver stars were clinging to an autumn sky Love was ours until October wandered by Let the years come and go I still feel the glow that time can not fade When I hear lovely autumn serenade ~~Autumn Serenade By Peter DeRose & Sammy Gallop