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Chalk & Numbers - They Knew Retro Pop Sounds Sweet

Chalk & Numbers is the Brooklyn, NY duo Andrew Pierce & Sable Yong.  They have an EP of 60's style retro pop with a tiny post-modern twist thrown in.  The songs have instantly catchy hooks and perfectly spot on vocals.  The singing is very smooth and a pleasure to listen to on each track. My two favorites on the 1st listen were “He Knew” and “I Hope You Do”.  They are upbeat and have the 60's pop vibe that seems timeless.  Sort of like classic surfer music fused with Deee-Lite.  "Let's Go Away" is one that has grown on me as time goes on.  Not as upbeat but with a more soulful sound without wandering from the pop roots this is another stand out track. Chalk & Numbers seem to be playing the NY scene fairly regularly.  I imagine an evening spent listening to them would be time well spent.  Check them out below and feel free to grab the EP.   You can also visit them on Facebook . <p><p&a

A couple photos to share

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Threatenol - Face Melting Metal

Before I begin anything about Threatenol I do feel full disclosure is in order, my brother Chuck plays rhythm guitar and Jay on lead guitar is someone I have known for many years. That being said, for fans of hard hitting thrash/speed/death metal Threatenol delivers. It delivers with an iron fist right between the eyes. In 2005 after a few member & name changes the current incarnation of the band was born and began it's musical assault on the masses. The band consists of Luke Schroder on vocals, Jay Bergquist on lead Guitar, Jamie Friedel on bass,  Chuck Woll on rhythm guitar & Loren Schroder on drums. Based out of Sioux City Iowa the band recently released their debut disk, Certain Shadows. The music has elements of classic speed & thrash groups such as old school Metallica & Anthrax & even a few nods to punk bands like Dead Kennedys.  The disk is pure in your face metal played with skill and precision and keeps a razor sharp edge.  It is fast, heavy and c

Excitment & Helping To Make A Difference

The Prairie Center, home of the Avera Cancer Institute and Avera Surgery Center in Sioux Falls has a Community Digital Media Art Gallery.  This is a very impressive digital display that is over 15 feet long and 7 feet high.  It is comprised of Fifteen monitors that provide crisp images of the artwork. The digital art gallery displays different exhibits throughout the year. Beginning June 1st and running for approximately 8 weeks, the theme of the artwork displayed will be The Art of Healing.  I received a notice that my submission has been accepted for display.  Needless to say I am very honored have a piece of work showing here.  The public is invited to enjoy art and other features of the Prairie Center’s ground floor from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Prairie Center is also home to an extensive original art collection, with 60 commissioned works by 15 artists, as well as numerous donated and purchased works. Photograph to be displayed at the Avera Prairi

Upper Mini-Falls

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Finding Interesting Photo Opportunities Everywhere

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