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Black & White Themes

Here are a three photos taken for a 26 week black and white project.  Basically it's a year long project where every two weeks I take a black and white photo for a specific theme.  So far the themes have been "New Beginnings", "Macro" and "Tools Of The Trade". New Beginnings Everyone needs a new beginning from time to time.  A new start and that may be a new job, a new place to live a new outlook on things. Click for a larger view Macro When most people think of or shoot macro photography vivid bold colors come to mind.  Take away that element and you are forced to work with light, shadow and composition. Click for a larger view Tools Of The Trade Tools of the trade can be anything you use or need for any task, job or activity.  A must have for me when shooting are extra batteries, memory cards and my favorite lens, the Nifty Fifty. Click for a larger view So there you have it, the first three photos from my