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Daylight Fades

Click for a larger view The night draws near and daylight fades Ignore the voices discard the day For the brand new darkness for the bright new way ~~ The Sisters of Mercy "Light:

Time Goes By

Sometimes it is possible to end up working on a project without realizing it.  As odd as that sounds I have been working on what has become a sort of project without knowing it. This began as a very simple request, I was asked to take a photo of an old school building before it was torn down. Click for a larger view.  You may purchase a print of this photo here. This particular building was home to St. Joseph school (and later renamed Gehlen Catholic) in my hometown of LeMars, Ia.  As the area, town and school grew additional buildings were built and eventually the original structure was no longer used or even safe to use.  On the right side of the photo you can see the original church and pastor's house.  Just a few weeks after I took this shot the building was gone.  Talk about lucky timing.  The pastors house is no longer there either.  The block looked very different to say the least. At the same time it was becoming evident that the original church building was in ne

Days Of Old

I haven't done too much still life photography but some items just beg to be photographed.  These did just that and here is the outcome. Click for a larger view