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Look Up, & Descend

Click for a larger view A golden ray of light Appeared between her eyes She rose above the gathering crowd The sky was dark and the  weather was loud She coalesced up in the cloud ~Descender by Lungfish

Lovebettie - Opening The Red Door

Ever hear a band and wonder "How the hell have I not heard this band before?"  That is exactly what I thought when I first listened to Lovebettie.   This Pittsburgh based band plays a well mashed stew of soul infused pop-rock that swaggers like the rat pack crossed with Johnny Cash.  Smooth & cool yet brash and in your face is the best way to describe this band. Lovebettie's newest CD, titled The Red Door EP released in March 2011, was produced by legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Hoobastank, Trapt).  The production is top notch and matches the musicianship perfectly.  The 5 songs on the disk show never disappoint and will make you want get up and move.  Having toured East coast and Midwest the band sounds solid, tight and comes across as a well oiled music machine. I cant pick a favorite off this EP because every listen I pick a new one.  I am going to  have to go back and pick up 2009's full length album …and we’re never coming back.  I believe

Merry Christmas

I was going to wish everyone a happy non-denominational midwinter holiday but the heck with that. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Abandoned Convent

Click for a larger view Will the wind ever remember   The names it has blown in the past   And with his crutch, it’s old age, and it's wisdom ~Jimi Hendrix


To me cemeteries are oddly calming. Click for a larger view Click for a larger view Time's still sleepin' in The graveyard is weepin' They're catching angels as they fall ~~P.S.Y by Butthole Surfers

Fugazi Brings Live Shows To All

Formed in 1987 & on indefinite hiatus since 2003 Fugazi was and is a band that influenced a generation.  A band born of the punk & hardcore scene of Washington DC they played stop-start song structures reminiscent of reggae and heavy riffs echoing arena & hard rock bands.  The band was/is made up of guitarists and vocalists Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty. Fugazi was a stretch from most punk but they managed to keep an element of their punk rock roots in their music as it evolved and grew.  Most live shows were $5 and all of them to my knowledge were all ages.  They also kept the cost of records, tapes & CD's much lower than the mainstream and even most independent labels.  This was a testament to the bands DIY ethic and commitment to their fans.  This was a band that had no interest in being the next big thing but wanted to play interesting music.  They did just that and are a real underground band with one hell of a cult