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Night Downtown Sioux Falls

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U.S. Royalty; Will They Be Crowned As Musical Royality?

I was using a little program called iTunes the other day and ran across a band from Washington, DC called U.S. Royalty.  They just released their debut album "Mirrors" on January 25th.  I listened to the short samples iTunes allows and wanted to hear more.  Off to YouTube and sure enough their song "Hollywood Hollows" was there.  One listen to the full song and I had to buy the album. This is the best new band I have heard in a long time, so I have had them in heavy rotation in iTunes for the past few days.  the song Hollywood Hollows sounds retro-modern; my first impression was this is what it would have sounded like if the Beatles & the Doors would have gotten together in the studio.  Not to say the album sounds dated in any way.  They have a retro vibe but still sound fresh, new & exciting.  A couple other tracks that stood out on 1st listen were  Fool To Love (Like I Do) & The Desert Won't Save You.  Dessert is a bluesy mid-tempo roc

At The Car Wash

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