More Black & White

Here are a three photos taken for a 26 week black and white project. Basically it's a year long project where every two weeks I take a black and white photo for a specific theme. You can see the first three themes here. 

In these four of the series I have been using minimal lighting in order to simplify and accentuate the subject.


Emotion can be dark and gritty as well as light and happy.

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Sometimes camera shake can be a good thing. Abstract photography is something I may have to explore more, it really makes you think and opens up a whole new realm of creativity.

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Film or TV Inspired

Norman! With The Bates Motel back for another season and my love of Hitchcock I give you my take on "The Shower Scene"

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If you like piña coladas
and getting caught in the rain...

I was going to do a shot of someone with an umbrella, then I thought I want warm weather and sunshine and a piña colada. That was my inspiration, summer, a song and booze.  Oh, and of course minimal lighting.  I used a small flashlight to light up the two umbrellas in the foreground of this photo.

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So there you have it, 7 of the 26 weeks down and I have finished them all on time, even if I do post them here in batches.


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