Tabletop Photography

A couple of shots that are something different for me.  These were done on a table with really simple set ups.

For this one I used an off camera flash the the right, on camera flash diffused and a continuos light to the left. I should have set up a soft box on the continuos light.

 The backdrop is a simple sheet of black construction paper.

Click for a larger view

A little high key photography with a wine glass, some water and food coloring.

 I set up a white background (white paper), a continuous overhead light and continuous light to the left, a flash to the right as a slave, full power straight on with no diffusion and a diffused flash on camera. 

Then I set the shot, and used a wired trigger to shoot as I dropped food coloring into the glass. I took 6-8 shots and this was the best I got from the bunch. 

Click for a larger view

I had minimal post work on both of these, lighting is key.


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