Cherish The Broken: Nothing is Broke But Songs To Cherish

The  second album by singer/songwriter Heather Fay was recently released.   Dubbed a country album but it is much more than acoustic country.  The songs do have a very country feel but also proudly proclaim a folk edge and pop sensibility and dare I say a little rock n roll attitude.  This is music for everyone not just the fan of one genre, a true crossover album.

The songs are well crafted and each tells a story all the while keeping top notch playing and musicianship to guide the lyrics and Heathers vocals.   Vocally pleasing Heather’s voice on the surface sounds very sweet and innocent but there is a sadness and wisdom that subtly come through at just the right moments. 

Each track is very good, all well written musically and lyrically but I do have my personal favorites.   The lead track, "Drive You Out Of My Mind" instantly had me hooked and anxious to hear the rest of the album.  The guitar hook carries the vocals and melody wonderfully.   "Scrape Knee’d Gir"l is another standout that I have kept in rotation quite heavily; but my favorite is the cover of Michael Jackson’s "Thriller".  First, just to cover such an iconic pop song in a different style is one thing but to take the song and own it is another.   The treatment on this classic makes the song much more haunting and melancholy than the original where it would have been so easy to make it over the top and cheesy.   Very well done in my opinion.

I have to recommend this album for music fans of all ages.  I only hope to hear this all over and to see her tour in support of this first class effort.

You can pick up a copy on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Heather’s website.

Check out the album preview


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