The Lone Bellow Country Roots With A Rock Edge

The Brooklyn roots-rock band The Lone Bellow has one killer self-titled debut album out in the wild.   The band uses blues trifectas, beautifully yet killer harmonies and even a dose mandolin tossed into the mix to create a sound that is destined to cross over to multiple genres. They blend this sound with one foot planted in the deep-south country sound.  If I didn’t know otherwise I would have sworn this album was mastered if not recorded in Nashville.  In fact it was recorded in New York’s Lower East Side. 

The Lone Bellow consists of lead singer  Zach Williams, guitarist Brian Elmquist, and singer Kanene Pipkin.  I’m not the biggest country fan but this album does have me going back to it so maybe my taste are changing or it is that darn good. I’m betting on a little of both.  

You can buy the disk on Amazon or iTunes.

Check out a sample of the band here:


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