Looking Ahead

I guess this is what can be called the obligatory new year post.  Looking back at 2011 & ahead to 2012 at the same time I can't help but to think that 2012 is shaping up to be a bit of a ride.  I could go on about what new products and offerings will be finding their way to the light of day but honestly I don't have anything earth shattering planned that way.  There always will be something new and changes in product is a given but as exciting as they are that isn't the most important aspect of photography and what I do.

I realized I have been becoming more of a technician with my photography in many cases.  For 2012, I want to downplay the all the rules and numbers and focus on storytelling & evoking a feeling with my photography.  I am going to go for a much simpler approach.  Grab 1 or maybe 2 lenses, camera (duh), tripod extra batteries & memory cards and just shoot.  Forgo the thought of “I need xyz lens for this shot”. Heck I may find that I have a lens or two I can part with, or conversely I may find that there is a lens or two I really want...umm I mean need.

Not to say that for portraits and paid shoots the technical aspect is all out the window, on the contrary those are where the technical aspects will be adhered to the most.  I do however plan on doing more artistic photos with each shoot.  My goal is to have one or two shots per session to be very artistic and break out from the norm.   I have learned, this past year especially, that with any shoot people do like my more artistic shots to compliment the traditional portraits.

I also need to put myself into challenging situations with my work. Get out of my comfort zone & learn by doing. Sure there is a chance I'll completely bomb and something will go wrong. But I'll trust that I will get through it in some way shape or form.  One thing is certain, there will be ups and downs, changes, happiness and unfortunately probably some sorrows thrown in on the ride. Time to hang on, hit the gas and go for the ride that is 2012.


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