Lovebettie - Opening The Red Door

Ever hear a band and wonder "How the hell have I not heard this band before?"  That is exactly what I thought when I first listened to Lovebettie.  This Pittsburgh based band plays a well mashed stew of soul infused pop-rock that swaggers like the rat pack crossed with Johnny Cash.  Smooth & cool yet brash and in your face is the best way to describe this band.

Lovebettie's newest CD, titled The Red Door EP released in March 2011, was produced by legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Hoobastank, Trapt).  The production is top notch and matches the musicianship perfectly.  The 5 songs on the disk show never disappoint and will make you want get up and move.  Having toured East coast and Midwest the band sounds solid, tight and comes across as a well oiled music machine.

I cant pick a favorite off this EP because every listen I pick a new one.  I am going to  have to go back and pick up 2009's full length album …and we’re never coming back.  I believe Lovebettie will be making some major noise soon and I know they will be on heavy rotation in my play list.  You can find them on iTunes, YouTube, & Facebook.  I can't wait for this band to make it to the upper Midwest for a show or two.

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