Birth of An Image: "A Baby's Embrace"

Recently I blogged about an image I created and gave some background how it came to be; you can check that out here if you are so inclined.  I have another photo I recently took that I really like and wanted to share. It seems this is becoming a trend but I enjoy sharing background on images and hope you enjoy catching a peek behind the curtain so to speak.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain does not apply here.

This photo was completely an unplanned and spur of the moment shot during a portrait session for a 2 month old little girl.   At one point it was time to change the baby’s clothes and she was not too happy so her grandmother picked her up and began to walk with her.  This, as we all know, will typically calm an infant.  It did work and as you can see in the image she was getting comfortable and sleepy.  I happened to look over and saw the baby snuggle into her grandmother’s shoulder and I lifted the camera and took this shot. I thought it would be a cool and unconventional photo as I pressed the shutter.

Once I came to the post production work on this image I knew I wanted a soft dreamy look and feel to this one.  The light from a sunlight window falling on the two as the grandmother walked around calming the young child combined with the baby’s head laying on the shoulder feels very loving and calm.  To reach the look and feeling I wanted from the image I softened the colors and added a hint of a sepia tone then added a texture to all but the little girl.  I am happy to say that my customer was very happy with their photos and this one in particular, so happy they were excited to have me share this with you.

I call this image A Baby’s Embrace.

Click for a larger view


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