Journey Inside An Image

Here is something I recently did, it isn’t just a photo but more of an art piece.   This is a composite of a few images to get to the final piece.  This particular image started with just a theme; Guardian Angels: A Devotion.  As I thought about the theme I kept going back to the idea of  being safe. 

I wanted the final image to convey a sense of peace, beauty with an underlying tone that chaos could be or has been just around the corner.  Water held the idea of calm while chaos and turmoil could break out at almost any moment.  I have often heard life and life journey described as an ocean, sea, ships at sea and so on so my choice of a water scene just worked in my mind.   The sunlight behind the clouds day I shot the sunset over the lake was breathtaking.  It seemed that every minute there was a change in the scene and anyone who has been on a boat at sunset will be able to tell you it is a wonderful way to watch the day draw to a close.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so I highly recommend it. 

The face in the upper right side is the literal visualization of a Guardian Angel watching over us as we travel the sea of our lives. I was able to get a friend’s daughter as the angel model and she was great to work with.  I took her photo outdoors so I could have natural sunlight and luckily the day I took her photo the sun was shining and there was enough breeze to blow her hair a little but not into a wild tangled mess.  Believe it or not I took a total of 5 frames and quickly had my choice down to 2 shots.  Once I began to work on the piece I easily knew which photo I wanted for the angelic face looking down and watching over things.

The bird flying is a sparrow which has meaning as well.  Some time ago a good friend of mine was in the hospital for an extended period.  I went for a visit and as we were talking a small sparrow landed one the outside window sill.  My friend told me to look at the bird, and said "Every day around this time it comes here and looks in the room.  It's like it watches over me."  At some later time; I don't recall when or where; I heard the sparrow legend; they guide the souls of the deceased to the next life.  I am not sure where the legend originated but I always think of that room whenever I see a sparrow.  I like the legend but it does give me chills.

Enough background here is the finished image, which is available in the Fine Art Store if you would like to own a print.

Waters Of Life


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