Busy with updating lately

It has been a while since I have sat down to update the blog with much more than some photos.  One of the biggest things I have been working on has been the website update.  I have moved  the hosting to a new provider and the site seems to load faster and have a quicker response time.  The look has been greatly updated and there is some tweaking to be done to get all the pages to have the same look and feel.  I had to put the site up before everything had the same layout because my old hosting plan was expiring and I didn’t want to pay for two host.  The new layout is a template style and since I really can’t get under the hood it will save me time but I need to go back and realign things to give all the pages beyond the front page the same layout.  I should have that done soon enough. You can see the new site here.

From feedback I have gotten the new site is easier to navigate and find the information you are looking for.  That makes me happy since that is exactly what I wanted.  I still have lots of photos to retouch and a ton of shooting to do which also makes me happy.  Keep your eyes open for even more exciting things. 


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