The White Soots Psychedelic Blues Rock

Hailing from Dayton, OH comes a rock band with blues sensibility and a psychedelic twist.  The White Soots released a self titled album of fuzz-guitar centered rock.  The vocals have a cool echo on each track that would sound out of place in many bands but not only works but fits this band perfectly.  This album shows the influences of the Soots without sounding like a cover band.  There is the obvious Zeppelin comparison due to the fact the songs are rock with a foot firmly planted in the blues and a dirty sounding guitar.  I can also hear references to Pink Floyd, The Black Crows, Faster Pussycat & Jeff Beck just to name a few.

The music ranges from all out rockers, to full on blues, to slower softer rock all blazing forward with the intensity of a freight train going full steam on the open range.  For fans of 70's rock or 90's grunge fans to fans of today's modern hard rock this is a definite addition to your collection.  The album sounds raw and straight out of the garage which fits the style of music perfectly.

The band has been around since early 2009 with brothers Kyle Bryum on guitar & vocals and Kraig Byrum on drums with the assistance of Benge on the bass.  Originally known as Fuzz Hound the band changed their name to The White Soots after about a year.

Listen to the debut and follow the link to grab the digital album as a free download.  If the album is any hint at what this band can do live I imagine an intense night of gritty blues rock.  Also check them out on Facebook.

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