Expressure - Thought of Something & Delivered

Dallas, TX duo Expressure have a self recorded & released album titled album We'll Think Of Something.  Expressure is comprised of Emily and Ian Kaskan but they are in the process of putting together a full band to back the album.

The music can be best described as pop-rock-blues-jazz.  Sometimes I hear this as a blues band with pop & rock sensibility with a handful of jazz thrown in. Other times I hear this as a jazz-pop album with a hint of rock and a bit of blues tossed into the mix.   To me this is one of those albums that will sound different depending on your mood, and that is a rare and very good thing.  The songs are sung by Emily Kaskan with the vocals, guitar, bass, drums & piano all sharing an upfront area in the mix.  This does not make for a cluttered sound but rather a more pleasant and full sounding mix.  The sound is big, and full without being overbearing.  It works very well for the musical and vocal style throughout all of the songs.

Their style can best be described as a dash of No Doubt, a bit of Kate Nash and sprinkled with The Black Keys with just a bit of old school jazz and a touch of soul.  Add to this a good pop-rock foundation with some blues overtones and you have Expressure.  I hope they can put a band together to put out a live show worthy of the album.  You can listen to the disk below and follow the link to download a copy.

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