Clap Your Hands Twice - Unplugged Hometown Rock

Clap Your Hands Twice is a punk band out of Germany that has released an acoustic EP in June of 2010.  I discovered this a few months ago and I have to say this was a very good find.

The music on this release definitely has a punk rock feel it and mixes elements of blues, country and folk here and there.  The songs are catchy, heartfelt and have an edge to them.  There are a couple that are almost blues-rock and others that are straight rockers and they flow very well together. The songs are well crafted and musically interesting. The band plays them with urgency and this keeps things sounding like they could fall off the edge at any moment but are still kept in a ring of control. I believe this is due to the band being a punk outfit, they can keep an edge and a bit of chaos in the mix.

I don't really know much about this band and could not find much info on the interwebs but I really dig this EP.  You can find Clap Your Hands Twice on Facebook.  Listen below and follow the link to download the EP for free.

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