Sugar Glyder Has Glyded Into My Music Library With Lightspeed

Recently I was browsing for music and came across the name of a band from North Carolina; Sugar Glyder. The name was enough to make me see if I could find a musical sample. Sure enough I found their YouTube channel and upon watching their video for Poor Baby Zebra I was hooked.  I did a quick web search and found their myspace page and their biography. Here is what it says: “A bearded lady and a whimsical boy who was never actually born began a musical journey. Along the way they met a gothic, Asian chick and a not-so-angry quarter-phillipino guy who wanted nothing more than to hit things with sticks. The members of this new covenant all agreed that they liked glitter, tiny animals, and climbing mountains. And so, they began making magical noises together."

Sugar Glyder has released three albums.  2008's "We Cracked The Sky", 2009's Poor Baby Zebra" & "Lovers At Lightspeed" that was just released in February of this year.  It seems these folks from North Carolina are not only talented but very proficient at writing and recording new music.  From what I have heard they are a progressive rock band that is not afraid to experiment.  To me the experiments seem to be working.  They sound new and exciting but still have a foot in rock.

I have found their Facebook page and even suggested to them they tour the upper midwest.  I did this for selfish reasons, I would love to catch a show by these guys.  Like many independent bands they have a presence on bandcamp and you can listen to their full songs and albums before you decide to purchase.  If you would like to check out the rest of Sugar Glyder's catalog follow the"Share" or "Buy" link below and it will take you to the bandcamp page for Lovers At Lightspeed, which will link to their impressive catalog.  I do recommend checking out this great sounding progressive band.  I have to say that Sugar Glyder has glyded into my music library with lightspeed.

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