Ghost Ocean Rocks the Transparent Lines

Straight out of Worcester, MA is Ghost Ocean, a rock band that blends a modern rock sound with a hardcore/punk vibe.   Their EP "Transparent Lines" starts off with Catalyst and it sets the tone for the rest of the 7 songs on the disk.  This is just the kind of hard hitting in your face rock that kept me listening to the EP over and over the past few days.

The band does a great job of keeping things simple when they need to be, yet is able to branch out with a more complex arrangement when the time is right.  They never seem to get lost in the black hole of going too far from the groove of the songs when venturing into the complexity of progressive rock.  Just when it sounds like they could turn into an experimental metal band they bring the hook back.  To me this makes for a fun, interesting and heavy listen.  Well done in my opinion.

The vocals have a gravely rough sound without being a scream.  Sounding edgy, intensely in your face they sound as if any minute they could fall off the edge but never do.  A perfect balance of control & reckless abandon.  Mixed with the musical style and intensity of the band the sound is brutally in your face rock that makes me want to hear a full album by these guys.

The band consist of Matt Killoran, Tom Lavergne, Steve Almada, TJ Cox and Jake Pagoaga. 
Check them out, I am glad I did this is what hard rock is.  Heavy, simple yet full of complexities.  The EP is available on Bandcamp as a name your own price download.  You can also find them on Facebook.  If their live show is anything like this EP it would be a blissful night or modern rock.

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